Achieve unshakeable sales confidence & attract dream clients to your high-ticket offers

without the overwhelm!

Dorothy Villeneuve Women's Sales Confidence Coach Sitting with Laptop

Achieve unshakeable sales confidence & attract dream clients to your high-ticket offers​

without the overwhelm!

Start closing more sales calls with ideal clients TODAY!

What would it feel like to have your clients be fascinated with you + your offer?

How excited would you be to offer them the opportunity to work with you in a way that you know will be massively transformative?

My SIMPLE system adapts to your life + your desires instead of doing it the way you think you have to because someone told you it’s the only way.

(Hot tip: They only know one way + that way is OLD news! – yikes!)

Together, we custom build you a marketing system that works with your lifestyle. This attracts dream clients who engage with your content that creates demand for you + your offers.

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Sales isn't supposed to be Hard!

After 22+ years in Sales I have created a SIMPLE system to help you increase your confidence + your income.

The two most important things I’ve consistently found that immediately increase your sales:

My mission is to help the motivated, driven women who know they are here to make an income + impact clarify their message, stand out as a unique brand + create offers they love that sell with ease.

When you are sick and tired of following the crowd, getting the same mediocre results + you’re ready to finally get this business off the ground,

I’m the asset you need on your side.

How It Works


Book a Call

Let’s chat about exactly where your business is now and how I can help you attract more ideal clients and hear more YESes in your sales calls.

If we both feel it’s a good fit, I will work with you to create a custom roadmap to create the sales success you desire

We make a decision about the best plan for you which can include any combination of 1:1 intensives, ongoing coaching with 1:1 support, daily Voxer feedback, and/or programs to help you refine and improve your sales. My clients enjoy the unmatched support I provide to ensure they achieve their goals!


Work With Me


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Get Results

Each client is different and your results will vary depending on the time and intention you have for your business.

Most of my clients see increased sales within 1-2 months of working together and experience consistent income and clients within 3-4 months.

Key Courses

Purpose to


Get crystal clear clarity on your Life Purpose + use it to create the Profitable Business that serves your ideal niche.

SIMPLE Sales Evolution

SIMPLE Sales Evolution is the signature system you need to simplify your business so you can make more sales with ease

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