5 Digital Marketing Trends that You Should Pay Attention to in 2023

5 Digital Marketing Trends to Pay Attention to in 2023

Written by Dorothy Villeneuve

March 2, 2023

5 Digital Marketing Trends that You Should Pay Attention to in 2023

Episode 41 Show Notes:

Dorothy walks through the five trends you need to pay attention to as an online business owner in 2023!

Gone are the days of relying solely on email for your marketing efforts.

Last week, Dorothy explained that it’s vital to grow your list, because it’s the only thing you own in the digital age. But now, there are trends taking place in the market that you need to be aware of, or you risk being left behind!

Don’t worry! Immersing yourself in these particular trends won’t overcomplicate your already-busy life. In fact, these trends are being integrated into the systems we are already using. That means they can be leveraged to help us build better relationships with our clients, and market to them more effectively than ever before.

So, as a marketer, how do you effectively leverage voice search, augmented reality, artificial intelligence (AI), short-form video, and mobile optimization to get ahead in 2023?

Tune in and find out!


Key Topics:

  • How we can leverage trends responsibly as marketers (2:02)
  • An introduction to the five trends (6:15)
  • Voice search (6:58)
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality (9:28)
  • Artificial intelligence (13:16)
  • Short-form video (17:30)
  • Mobile optimization (20:50)
  • A recap of the five trends (25:11)



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