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8 Crucial Keys to Copy That Simply Converts

Episode 13 Show Notes:

Does your copy simply convert clients for your offers?


Do you love your posts and the engagement they receive?


Are you confident that everything you need to communicate your value is included on your sales page?


If you answered “no” to any of those questions, or you feel a bit sheepish about the quality of your copywriting, then gather ‘round and learn the eight crucial keys to copy that simply converts.

As mentioned at 29:10 of the episode:

In this episode, we talk about…

  • [02:18] Why it pays to have engaging copywriting and other forms of content.
  • [03:11] What you’ll learn in this episode.
  • [04:30] Write strong headlines for your copy.
  • [06:36] Words are more effective than images.
  • [08:52] The two main purposes to the copy that you write.
  • [09:30] Four things to get clarity on when writing your copy.
  • [09:42] Who is your audience?
  • [12:19] What is your objective?
  • [14:13] What is your goal?
  • [15:11] How well are you conveying a sense of urgency?
  • [17:18] Do #1: Focus on the reader.
  • [19:54] Do #2: Grab the right attention.
  • [21:18] Do #3: Make sure that your copy is creating intrigue.
  • [22:35] Do #4: Spell out what you’re offering.
  • [23:51] Do #5: Use analogies.
  • [25:40] Do #6: Be humorous.
  • [26:23] Do #7: Tell them what to do next.
  • [28:11] Do #8: Bring your personality.
  • [32:26] Don’t #1: Don’t avoid testing long copy.
  • [33:16] Don’t #2: Don’t use too much text/blocks of text that can turn off your buyer.
  • [33:33] Don’t #3: Don’t share what they will save, but what they will get for free.
  • [33:49] Don’t #4: Don’t use a landing page that is not optimized for your offer.
  • [34:17] Don’t #5: Don’t assume they know your why.
  • [34:42] Don’t #6: Don’t focus only on positives; include negatives (i.e. pain points).
  • [35:25] Action steps.


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8 Crucial Keys to Copy that Simply Converts

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