Wildly Confident Sales Cracking the Code - Uncovering Psychology of Online Buyers Dorothy Villeneuve

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Cracking the Code: Uncovering the Psychology of Online Buyers

Episode 37 Show Notes:

Are you an online coach or service provider looking to better understand your customers and increase your sales?

If so, this episode is for you! Listen in as Dorothy unpacks the psychology of online buyers and how understanding their motivations can help inform your business decisions.

Dorothy offers her tried-and-tested strategy for helping her clients create detailed and effective buyer personas. She discusses the typical decision-making process consumers go through when considering your offers, and how you can apply this knowledge to increase conversions.

So without further ado, join Dorothy as she cracks the code to consumer psychology!


Key Topics:

  • Defining consumer psychology (2:05)
  • Refining your existing buyer persona (3:12)
  • How emotions can influence buying decisions (9:11)
  • Deciding on the right strategy to increase your conversions (13:01)
  • What to avoid in your marketing (20:27)


Connect with Dorothy:

Send your episode topic suggestions or questions to hey@dorothyvilleneuve.com

Reach out to Dorothy on Instagram @dorothyvilleneuvecoaching


Dorothy Villeneuve, ACC

Sales + marketing consultant

I’ve taken my 24 years of successful sales experience and combined it with my passion for coaching to help online women entrepreneurs zero in on their unique brilliance zone, simplify and increase their sales and finally get all those fancy funnels and copywriting done, even if they dread tech and feel scattered. 

Dorothy Villeneuve

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