How to Create an Online Course You Love That Sells – The Step-by-Step Guide

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Written by Dorothy Villeneuve

July 27, 2021

How to Create an Online Course You Love That Sells – The Step-by-Step Guide

Episode 12 Show Notes:

85% of purchased online courses are never completed.

A big reason is that course-creation advice tends to be pretty light on the practical side.

Everybody tells us that, in order to get a major leg-up as an online business owner, we must make a course, but few tell us how to make one that, you know, actually sells.


Even fewer can explain how to create one that delivers results to your clients and doesn’t overwhelm them.

If someone buys your course and doesn’t end up completing it, what you end up with isn’t just a disgruntled client who didn’t receive your promise on the sales page. What you also end up with is a blank testimonials section.

And don’t even think you’re getting referrals from that client you let down.

Ready to level up your business by putting together an online course that sells?

In this episode, I go over the six steps you need to take in order to distill your genius into a digestible course that creates results for your clients, generates testimonials and referrals, and allows you the lifestyle freedom and the revenue to create sales in your sleep and take a much-deserved break.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • [03:24] Why you need to create a system for your sales process.
  • [05:05] Step #1: Establish your course foundations (using the four Cs).
  • [09:14] Step #2: Select your profitable course topic (by asking the right questions).
  • [19:38] Step #3: Get clear on the content that sells your course (with client-centered language).
  • [28:18] Step #4: Price your course to sell with ease (and adjust it accordingly).
  • [32:54] Step #5: Create your professional look and design (without breaking the bank).
  • [44:30] Step #6: Figure out where you will host your course (via a dedicated course platform).
  • [53:20] A recap of the six steps.

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