How to Create Predictable Success for Your Business in 2022 with 95% certainty

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How to Create Predictable Success for Your Business in 2022 with 95% certainty

Episode 29 Show Notes:

I bet I can predict your future… and with pretty good accuracy as well.

How, you say?

It’s pretty simple. I’ll take a look back at your past and the things you’ve been doing, and very quickly be able to give you a snapshot of your future.

This is because it’s human nature to do the same (or similar) things even when we believe we’re making big changes. We often revert to our old habits and behaviors without even realizing it.

This is why change is so darn difficult. Have you ever tried to adopt a new habit or lose weight? Case in point.

Our brains are wired to keep us in homeostasis and they’re running millions of preprogrammed operations in the background. Many of those operations are definitely impacting the success we desire and our ability to achieve your goals.

Listen in as I reveal the scientifically-proven principles you need to shift that default narrative and give you a 95% certainty of achieving your goals.


In this episode, we talk about…

  • [02:43] Why we revert to old habits.
  • [04:35] Fellow entrepreneur: You’re not alone!
  • [07:01] What does all of this have to do with goals?
  • [08:55] How to set brave goals.
  • [12:24] The steps to creating predictable business success with 95% certainty.
  • [17:16] Why you need to set self-focused goals.
  • [19:50] Choose your accountability partners.
  • [23:17] Nail your systems and your self-commitment.
  • [24:40] The last piece of the puzzle.
  • [26:52] Get ahead of the obstacles.
  • [29:40] A recap of the principles.


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