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What if instead of feeling uncomfortable about pitching your offer you got excited to share it?

 What would it feel like to be bursting with confidence knowing people just HAD to hear about this fabulous thing you created? I get it, you may feel like your offer is ho-hum right now and that’s okay. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and compare to all the competition out there wondering just HOW you will stand out + sell.  Feeling like an imposter gets old fast. Empty bank accounts and no sales feels like you just aren’t cut out for this. Feeling anxiety and having sleepless nights wondering what the heck you’re going to do now because you have to go back to a day job is the haunting nightmare in your head.  (Yup, been there, done that) Maybe you’re stuck side hustling and burning the midnight oil just trying to keep both afloat because the day job is funding your dream, but wouldn’t it be nice to have actual clients paying you and know your business is succeeding? You can get clients and be successful, I’m living proof. I’m not special, but I have learned how to not give up. I invested in coaching, got in front of the right people, used my SIMPLE system to create and attract ideal clients and I did it against all odds. 

  • I did it without a huge social media following (my first sales were to a 20 person group!)
  • I did it without a great website
  • I did it without an MBA or Business degree
  • I did it before I had my official Coaching certification

You don’t need all the bells and whistles, trust me, I spent a lot of money on silly things that delivered zero results. What I did have was the courage to know I could help + to know people who needed my help were out there struggling. I knew coaches were being churned out of big-box programs with no real strategy to generate leads and create offers they felt awesome about selling. Being crystal clear on your message, knowing exactly who you help and speaking right to them, that can be yours. Blowing away the competition because you know they aren’t even competition when your ideal clients get to know you, that can be yours. You can go it alone. You can, you will eventually get there, but there is a faster, simpler easier way to create the clients you desire and the income you deserve. You have the choice and you will make the best choice for you, but know that the cookie-cutter, BS offerings you see out there might not be for you. If you need personalized 1:1 support, a coach who is in your back pocket (literally a coach in your phone) and a customized solution to fit your business dreams then we should chat. Because that offer you have that you don’t love isn’t going anywhere, but you could have one you’re bursting at the seams to shout from the mountain tops about. If that seems like a pretty cool thing and you want to know more about exactly how I create this with my clients we should probably have a chat.

Hop in my calendar and we’ll see if this is the right thing for you. If you’re looking for clarity on how to move forward with your business, with no obligation to invest, but the ability to walk away with 1-3 insights on shifts you can make today, let’s chat! Here’s the link to book your free 30-minute Strategy Session here: BOOK NOW

Dorothy Villeneuve, ACC
Sales + marketing consultant

I’ve taken my 24 years of successful sales experience and combined it with my passion for coaching to help online women entrepreneurs zero in on their unique brilliance zone, simplify and increase their sales and finally get all those fancy funnels and copywriting done, even if they dread tech and feel scattered.

ICF Associate Certified Coach | Red Team Coach| Nurture to Convert Certified Business Coach

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