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Obstacles and Resilience: How to Keep Going When Things Get Tough

Episode 14 Show Notes:

Your business success is not solely defined by the good times and the upswings, contrary to what you see posted on all of your social media feeds.


In fact, there is a lot more value in how you handle the downs and how you deal with obstacles and setbacks.


The online business industry is competitive. The demands put on you, fellow entrepreneur, can be overwhelming at times, and it takes a lot to stick to the game long enough to make any progress.


In order to build character and find success in growing your online business, you’re going to need a boatload of resilience.


In this episode, we will cover exactly what resilience is as well as how you can develop your own unconquerable business mindset so that making more income and a bigger impact becomes an easier journey for you.


Why this topic and why now? That’s a great question. Frankly, I’m a little tired of the “toxic positivity” culture that is so pervasive in the online business space.


So, I wanted to speak candidly about how I help clients handle the tough stuff, and the tips and tricks that I believe will help you build a business that you love rather than live in by ensuring you honor your boundaries and strengthen your mindset muscle.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • [03:08] What all struggling entrepreneurs deal with.
  • [05:08] The importance of having a clear vision from the get-go.
  • [06:16] Remembering that things happen “for” you and not “to” you.
  • [07:44] Obstacle #1: Your past will catch up to you.
  • [08:48] Finding an accountability partner.
  • [10:58] Why it’s not only “okay” to take a break, but vital.
  • [12:53] Why we need to define “success” on our own terms.
  • [15:25] How to find the motivation to tackle the “necessary evils” of doing business.
  • [17:48] It’s okay to pivot, scale, or shrink!
  • [21:10] When is the best time to create a business that you love?
  • [22:15] The Be, Do, Have Philosophy.
  • [23:30] It’s time to get real, get clear, and get committed.


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Dorothy Villeneuve, ACC

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I’ve taken my 24 years of successful sales experience and combined it with my passion for coaching to help online women entrepreneurs zero in on their unique brilliance zone, simplify and increase their sales and finally get all those fancy funnels and copywriting done, even if they dread tech and feel scattered. 

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Obstacles and Resilience: How to keep going when things get tough

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