{Part 2} The Top 10 Mistakes Coaches Make When Trying to Find Clients

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{Part 2} The Top 10 Mistakes Coaches Make When Trying to Find Clients

Episode 4 Show Notes:

Do you ever wish you knew the secrets behind those big seven and eight-figure business owners and what they’re doing differently to make the sales, that you haven’t quite cracked? Are you freaking out before every sales call because you just don’t know how to get people to say yes to you and your offers? Do you feel nervous and feel like your clients are literally zoning out during your sales calls, and you have no idea how to fix it?


Listen in to this episode for a mix of mistakes and misconceptions plus actionable steps that you can implement immediately today to remedy these errors.


I believe that a successful business creates their ideal clients. You should only work with people that you really love to work with. As entrepreneurs, we choose our clientele.


In Part 2 of this two-part episode, I give the latter five mistakes coaches make in their search for their ideal client. Listen back to episode two (link below) for part one of this series.



In this episode, we talk about…

●      [03:58] Mistake #6: Wasting time being indecisive. Instead, hire out what you aren’t an expert in to focus on your sales.

●      [16:29] Mistake #7: Creating “too many everything.” Instead, focus on the cohesive flow a properly constructed offer should take.

●      [24:01] Mistake #8: Talking too much on sales calls and not hearing buying signals. Instead, listen for the clients’ struggles and what’s important to them.

●      [33:41] Mistake #9: Attaching to outcomes rather than believing and allowing. Instead, focus on the intuition and fit of this client to you. Nobody hears “yes” every time.

●      [39:21] Mistake #10: Not speaking to clients personally while you still can. Instead, put together a compelling case study, speak to clients’ exact needs, and detail exactly how much money your services can save the client. Treat people like people.

●      [45:08] A recap of mistakes six through 10.



Links mentioned in this Episode:

Link to part one of this episode

David Allen book Getting Things Done Book (affiliate link)

Reach out to Dorothy on Instagram @dorothyvilleneuvecoaching


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I’ve taken my 22 years of successful sales experience and combined it with my passion for coaching to help online women entrepreneurs create unshakeable sales confidence so that they attract dream clients to their high-ticket offers without all the overwhelm! 

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