Start closing more sales calls with ideal clients


You can have the best offer in the world, but no one will buy it without a solid sales process.

I know you’re feeling:

  • As if you are doing all the right things, but consistent clients + income are eluding you
  • That if you just do more, you’ll finally hit that magic moment, but hello! You can’t work 24/7!
  • Your confidence is starting to falter and it’s getting scary up in your head
  •  Like it just doesn’t make sense! Why is this is so hard anyway? You’ve always been a top performer who got things quickly, so what is the deal with this whole sales fear thing?

I help you:

✅ Get crystal clear on exactly what to say in your copy, sales pages, sales calls, and emails that attract the right clients to you.

Develop an effective strategy that has you doing less, but knowing what to do each and every day to create more ideal clients and income for your business.

Create unshakeable confidence and deep inner self-belief that empowers you to be unstoppable in your business and life.

✅ Build a solid sales system for you that supports how you like to sell and doesn’t waste time being pushy, icky, salesy or spammy


 Would you like 22+ successful and marketing years of Sales experience coupled with a unique ability to help you clearly see the opportunities to make more income and impact in your back pocket?

Let’s get you confidently creating more YESes in your own sales process and calls.

Pick the right service for you!

Done Days

Have a TO DO list a mile long? Wish you could just dedicated a day to strategically complete the RIGHT things that will help you create clients and increase revenue?

Not ready to hire a full time Consultant, but want to borrow their brain, 24 years of experience and simplified systems for a day?

You need a Done Day!

It’s a dedicated 8 hours focused on YOU and  YOUR biz where we work together to get your TO DOs done! Fast!

Sales Page Simplified

Ready to have a sales page that creates paying clients for your offers with ease?

Sales Page Simplified is the solution you’ve been waiting for! It’s a step-by-step guided video course, action packed workbook and functional template that will ensure you finally complete your high-converting Sales Page that creates clients for your offer in ONE day!

The fastest way to get your high-converting sales page done, in ONE day!

Workshop to Wealth Method™

End the income roller coaster. For good.

Discover the step-by-step method my clients use to go from inconsistent income to consistent $10k+ months without having to post constantly to social media and “beat” any alogorithim.
Workshop to Wealth Method™ is my signature offer that provides you with my dedicated expertise and unprecedented support to take you from inconsistent income and frustration to knowing exactly how to create paying clients that grow your list and convert into high ticket clients so that you can finally get off the content creation hamster wheel!

Conversion Copywriting

Your perfect clients need to have crystal clear clarity on exactly what results you can deliver. I help you translate your message into marketing that converts for your Profitable Business that serves your clients.


Crack the code on copy that creates perfect clients

Build Authority as the Go To expert in a proven profitable niche

Finally finish your fancy funnel and copywriting so you can stay focused on your Brilliance Zone

Copywriting Services can include:

High-converting Sales Pages
Conversion Copywriting Email Sequences
SEO Optimized Blog Content
Social Media Content Copywriting
Website Copywriting
Your copy is your most important asset in creating sales and communicating your unique value!

Client Love!

“Dorothy allowed me to take a step back and really look at which aspects of my business I actually enjoyed. She offered a common sense no brainier option that I could offer. It would be simple, require only a little bit of effort up front, and could be super profitable. But I didn’t do it. Because I actually didn’t want to. Oddly enough that was the moment I stepped BACK from my business! But what it really did was give me permission (and a reality check) to completely rethink my focus!! When I finally stepped into the RIGHT niche, it felt natural and powerful, just like she said it would. Business finally feels EASY!!!”

Nichole Weaver, Financial Coach

“Dorothy is an absolute gift! She is patient, direct, and extremely knowledgeable in her field. She gives her time and detail to get you results you need. In a short time – I was able to walk away feeling on track and ready to move further – forward thanks to her!
I HIGHLY recommend her!”

Staci Friedman, Mom Sanity Coach