Stop doing THIS immediately in your sales calls!

Written byDorothy Villeneuve

April 16, 2021

People do not buy if they don’t believe the idea to do so originated within themselves (whether they are conscious of it or not).

They want to know, feel and trust that they’re in control.

 If you’re trying to convince, coerce or persuade them to buy, odds are high they won’t and don’t invest with you. In fact, you’ll both feel this unspeakable tension that is super awkward. It’s like you’re trying to force a round peg into a square hole. It’s not terrible, but it will never work. People will tell you sales is a numbers game and while numbers are your friend, you won’t make a lot of sales treating people like numbers. You won’t make a lot of friends either. Sales are about uncovering exactly what your dream client wants and sharing your method of achieving that desire with them. 

The decision to move forward is theirs. (READ that again) The purpose of your sales calls should be an exploration of their wants and desires. 

When you know it’s a correct fit,  they’ll naturally come to the conclusion that your offer is the ideal solution to that.

When it’s not, you happily refer them to your network. (More on the maddening ‘not being attached to the outcome’ part later 😉) Think of any major purchases you’ve made (from an iPhone to a car to investing in your first home) – you know what you really want going in, but you are exploring the opportunity to validate what you already believe to be true.

Most people have done their homework on you and aren’t coming in blind (your pre-call questions should qualify this!). People are sold before they buy.

You’re just there to see if what you sell facilitates their desired outcome or not. I mean they’re always hoping it will be less money, faster or easier than doing the actual work. 

Many want to do nothing and have everything occur.

I mean, I could totally get into lying on a beach while the money just flows to me, but I’d get bored and prob start selling sand 😜.

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