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The Elephant in the Room - Stop Feeling Like You are an Imposter and Gain Crucial Confidence Skills

Episode 16 Show Notes:

In a recent study of 600 entrepreneurs and small business owners, 84% admitted that they have experienced imposter syndrome.


You’ve probably felt it, too: that lingering feeling that you might be “found out” for your lack of knowledge or ability.


You might have even fallen into the trap of believing that all the success you have had up to that point can be attributed to nothing more than “dumb luck.”


This is rarely the case. Chances are, you’ve worked pretty dang hard to get your business to the point it’s at today. And you deserve every bit of success you’ve achieved!


Still, this doesn’t change the fact that you’ve gone through feelings of inadequacy somewhere (or everywhere) along your journey. Don’t worry. We all get them. The question now is: How do we overcome those feelings?


Listen in as I break down the elephant in the room: It’s time to stop feeling like you are an imposter by gaining some crucial confidence skills.


In this episode, we talk about…

  • [02:57] Let’s break the stigma.
  • [04:00] How do we prevent “imposter syndrome” and build confidence?
  • [06:59] Find your moment of grace to escape victimhood mentality.
  • [09:40] The importance of trusting yourself.
  • [13:00] There is always an expert.
  • [15:24] Embracing your zone of genius without overestimating your abilities.
  • [18:14] How your upbringing influences your sense of worth as an adult.
  • [20:49] When overwhelmed, write down or talk about your thoughts and feelings.
  • [24:19] Overcome “imposter syndrome” by facing it head-on.
  • [25:15] Step #1: Get out of your monkey brain.
  • [26:58] Step #2: Do some breathwork.
  • [28:22] Step #3: Ask yourself these four questions.
  • [34:00] “Imposter syndrome” is not you.


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Dorothy Villeneuve, ACC

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I’ve taken my 24 years of successful sales experience and combined it with my passion for coaching to help online women entrepreneurs zero in on their unique brilliance zone, simplify and increase their sales and finally get all those fancy funnels and copywriting done, even if they dread tech and feel scattered. 

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The Elephant in the Room - Stop Feeling Like You are an Imposter and Gain Crucial Confidence Skills

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