The Untapped Power in the Sales Objection

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The Untapped Power in the Sales Objection

Episode 28 Show Notes:

People buy what they want, not what you want to sell to them.

This old sales adage has never been more true than today.

It’s one thing to make a pitch and hope somebody buys your product or service. It’s a totally different thing to anticipate the objections they will have about buying from you before they even say them.

By knowing your customer’s objections in advance, you can preemptively answer any concerns and alleviate the fears of the customer.

Listen in as I reveal four points to help your approach to any objection you may hear that will help your customer feel heard, understood, and respected before answering their concern—and allow you to do all this with tactful grace.


In this episode, we talk about…

  • [02:21] The five buckets of sales objections.
  • [04:10] The four points at the core of any sales objection.
  • [06:32] Point #1: Never take objections personally.
  • [08:44] Point #2: Understand your clients’ concerns before they even mention them.
  • [09:20] Bucket #1: Need.
  • [11:16] Bucket #2: Price.
  • [15:57] Bucket #3: Time.
  • [18:47] Bucket #4: Urgency.
  • [21:59] Bucket #5: Trust.
  • [23:06] Point #3: Use the untapped power in the sales objection.
  • [26:19] Point #4: The Double-A Method.
  • [30:34] A recap of the four points.


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