Three Steps to Creating an Abundance of Ideal Clients

Three Steps to Creating an Abundance of Ideal Clients - Wildly Confident Sales with Dorothy Villeneuve

Written by Dorothy Villeneuve

March 16, 2023

Three Steps to Creating an Abundance of Ideal Clients

Episode 43 Show Notes:

How would it feel to have a constant stream of perfectly-aligned and qualified leads for your offers? What would shift in your business if creating clients for your services was as simple as turning on a tap?

Today’s episode is all about that elusive topic: lead generation. Every coach, course creator, and expert who runs an online business absolutely dreams about retiring their marketing efforts to just enjoy the benefits of attracting those perfect clients on repeat.

But the reality is, not only will you need solid systems in place to do that; you also need to accept that marketing and sales are just part of the game of building a profitable online business.

Lead generation is both an art and a science. There are ways to do it well and ways to do it fast. What we’re after is a happy medium of both.

If you’re ready to redirect more of your precious time to serving clients rather than marketing to them, this episode is for you.

Let’s dig in!

Key Topics:

  • Traffic, audience, and offer (3:25)
  • Creating an attraction strategy (5:44)
  • Engaging with potential clients (9:32)
  • Nailing your messaging (13:22)
  • Converting clients with a funnel (15:15)
  • Getting prospects from considering you to signing up with you (18:04)
  • Growing your list and nurturing your audience (24:53)
  • Creating a self-liquidating offer (25:32)

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