Three Super Simple Steps to Increase Your Visibility and Sales

Three Super Simple Steps to Increase Your Visibility and Sales

Written by Dorothy Villeneuve

June 15, 2021

Three Super Simple Steps to Increase Your Visibility and Sales

Episode 7 Show Notes:

All the marketing efforts in the world will land on deaf ears if no one knows who you are and why what you do can help them.

Let’s be honest: Preaching to a nearly empty room feels awkward in real life, let alone the echo chamber that marketing on social media can create.

How can little ol’ you become visible to your ideal clients? How do they learn your name, figure out what the heck you’re about, and want to pay you for your help?

It’s actually a lot easier than you’re making it.

Take it from me. Despite the fact that I (a). don’t use paid ads and (b). have a paltry email list and follower count on social media compared to just about every other entrepreneur I know, I’m still making more money than I ever did from my six-figure corporate career, with lifestyle freedom to boot!

This is only possible because I regularly commit to a very simple visibility strategy that helps to keep me top-of-mind and very visible in the areas where I know my ideal client hangs out.

It’s your turn to do the same.

Listen in and learn how to become more visible and make more sales today in just three simple steps!

In this episode, we talk about…


  • [02:04] How to create your own pond and attract your ideal fish.
  • [06:25] Using “turning on the tap” strategy to increase your visibility.
  • [09:15] Step #1: Optimize your social media profiles.
  • [12:55] Step #2: Build a compelling lead magnet and a nurture sequence of emails that invite your ideal client to something you have for sale.
  • [19:10] Step #3: Create an implementation strategy by setting daily implementation actions.
  • [25:38] Fine-tuning your client pipeline.
  • [28:00] A recap of the six steps.

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