{Part 1} The Top 10 Mistakes Coaches Make When Trying to Find Clients

Top 10 Mistakes Coaches Make When Trying to Find Clients Online (Part 1)

Written by Dorothy Villeneuve

May 12, 2021

{Part 1} The Top 10 Mistakes Coaches Make When Trying to Find Clients

Episode 2 Show Notes:

This is an episode that I think will hit home with many of you. It certainly does with me. In putting together this list of ten mistakes that most coaches make when trying to find clients for their offer, I took from my personal experience and my observations of many other entrepreneurs and my own clients who have walked paths similar to my own.

In fact, the very title of this episode could be considered a “mistake” itself: The idea of going out to find clients is often a losing strategy for inexperienced business owners. Instead, the approach I follow is to create clients.

But, since “create” is not a term people typically use when looking this topic up on Google, I’ve decided to keep the title of the episode as is and use it as an opportunity to explain this common misconception. (Because let’s be honest, we like SEO to work right?)

I believe that a successful business creates their ideal clients. You should only work with people that you really love to work with. As entrepreneurs, we choose our clientele.

In Part 1 of this two-part episode, I give the first five mistakes coaches make in their search for their ideal client.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • [02:50] Finding clients versus creating clients.
  • [08:36] Mistake #1: Selling what you do rather than the outcome of what you do.
  • [16:09] Mistake #2: Not asking enough (i.e. passive selling).
  • [34:04] Mistake #3: Having no marketing strategy or marketing for too long.
  • [43:46] Mistake #4: Not warming up your audience.
  • [49:53] Mistake #5: Not setting goals or setting them incorrectly.
  • [59:26] A recap of the first five mistakes.


I’d love to hear your favourite mistake or one you believe I’ve missed – you can always reach out to me or tag me on Instagram here: @dorothyvilleneuvecoaching

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