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How to Grow an Engaged Email List that Buys

Episode 40 Show Notes:

“The money is in the list.”

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times.

Listen, it’s just as true today as it always has been in the internet marketing game: The best time to build your email list is yesterday.

Why? Because your email list is the only thing you own! You don’t own your social media following on any channel. Case in point, I recently witnessed a TikToker lose an entire following that took her three years to build… overnight!

Imagine putting all that passionate effort into a platform—and losing it in an instant. I’m sure that’s the last thing you’d want for your own business.

Now, growing a list isn’t particularly hard. But growing an aligned list filled with the right people, who will actually open and read your emails and invest in your offers—that’s a whole different story.

Tune in as I take you through the basics of list-building, some common reasons your email list might not be growing, and some uncommon ways to ensure it actually starts growing. Lastly, we’ll discuss how to measure success with your list, and what to do if you’re not seeing the open rates you desire.

Excited yet? Let’s dig in!

 Key Topics:

  • The basics of list-building: The whywho, and how (3:06)
  • Creating a high-converting lead magnet (6:30)
  • Why your email list isn’t growing (10:32)
  • Uncommon ways to make sure your email list starts growing (12:48)
  • Measuring success by monitoring your open and click-through rates (18:20)
  • Decide on how frequently you’ll communicate with your subscribers (21:22)
  • What to do if you’re not seeing the open rates you desire (23:30)
  • A recap of today’s discussion (25:25)




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Dorothy Villeneuve, ACC

Sales + marketing consultant

I’ve taken my 24 years of successful sales experience and combined it with my passion for coaching to help online women entrepreneurs zero in on their unique brilliance zone, simplify and increase their sales and finally get all those fancy funnels and copywriting done, even if they dread tech and feel scattered. 

Dorothy Villeneuve

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How to Grow an Engaged Email List that Buys - Wildly Confident Sales with Dorothy Villeneuve

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