Why They Didn’t Buy – Solutions for Increasing Your Launch Success

Why They Didn't Buy - Solutions for Increasing Your Launch Success - Wildly Confident Sales with Dorothy Villeneuve

Written by Dorothy Villeneuve

February 16, 2023

Why They Didn’t Buy – Solutions for Increasing Your Launch Success

Episode 39 Show Notes:

Launching our very first offer is always incredibly exciting… until we’re actually faced with the huge amount of work needed to make that launch successful.

Most budding business owners don’t know which metrics to measure their launch by, and their expectations often far exceed reality. That’s the reason why, unfortunately, so many launches crash and burn.

Does this sound like you? If so, do you know how to skillfully dissect and diagnose what went wrong in order to discover the keys to winning the next time around?

Dorothy sheds light on why prospects dont buy. She explains how to analyze and repair a lackluster launch so that your next round is much more successful.

If you’ve never launched before or, worse, you’ve launched to the sound of crickets, this episode is for you. Tune in and gain valuable insights into what works in the online sales and marketing world so that you can have your best launch yet!

Key Topics:

  • Getting the numbers right (5:10)
  • Audience size versus engagement rate (7:54)
  • Optimizing your content strategy (11:20)
  • Getting your messaging right (12:51)
  • Showing the right proof (15:00)
  • Priming your audience with pre-launch content (16:32)
  • Time and volume (19:05)
  • Maintaining your enthusiasm (22:08)
  • Determining the right volume of content you need (24:12)
  • Looking at your launch as an event (27:09)
  • Collecting and analyzing your post-launch data to make your next launch even better (29:02)

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