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Minding Your Money in Business with Money Coach Eileen Joy

Episode 34 Show Notes:

Today, I sit down with money coach Eileen Joy, host of the Moms Who Money Podcast. She is a single mom with an incredible comeback story!

Eileen’s passion is to help women learn about money. She teaches how to make the art of earning money so easy that even her ten-year-old can do it! Her mission is to help you create wealth so that you can finally stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Listen in as Eileen shares how her divorce became the catalyst that led to her goal to empower moms like herself to take greater control of their financial destiny. She talks about how she teaches the energy of money and why it’s so important to get crystal clear on your money story as soon as you can, so that you can set your kids up for their own financial success in adulthood.

Because a huge part of this game depends on how you think, Eileen emphasizes the value of having a coach—even as a coach yourself—and unpacks the sobering truth that you can’t outhustle a bad money mindset!

Key Topics:

  • Why Eileen decided to become a money coach for moms (02:37)
  • Minding your money for financial success (08:26)
  • The energy of money (11:40)
  • How your money story is written (16:44)
  • The importance of managing both your personal and business finances (23:38)
  • Why so many people don’t understand money (28:43)
  • How to escape the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle (31:14)
  • The destructiveness of having a bad money mindset (40:22)
  • Why all coaches need a coach (42:53)
  • How to get in touch with Eileen and learn what she offers clients (48:29)
  • Why it all starts (and ends) with investing in yourself! (49:46)


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Minding Your Money in Business with Money Coach Eileen Joy

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