Recognizing Buyer Red Flags Before You Make the Sale Wildly Confident Sales Dorothy Villeneuve

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Recognizing Buyer Red Flags Before You Make the Sale

Episode 36 Show Notes:

How can we be sure we’re qualifying the right clients in our sales conversations? How can we avoid saying “yes” to the wrong clients? Figuring out how to sell to our perfect buyer is one of the strongest skills we can develop as business owners!

Dorothy gives us six telltale signs that we may be taking on the wrong person and offers her best tips to making sure we onboard only our ideal clients!

Key Topics:

  • Why you should never settle for anything less than the perfect client (03:44)
  • Red Flag #1: You must trust your gut (07:02)
  • Red Flag #2: Being treated as an employee by your prospective buyer (11:39)
  • Red Flag #3: Being seen as a cost rather than as an investment (15:02)
  • Red Flag #4: Having a prospective client that expects instant results (20:52)
  • About Boundary breakers (25:08)
  • Qualify versus close (27:59)
  • Red Flag #5: Having worked with many coaches without good results (30:56)
  • Red Flag #6: Can’t clearly articulate what success looks like to them (33:11)
  • Closing thoughts (35:00)



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