Is Perfectionism Killing Your Sales?

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Is Perfectionism Killing Your Sales?

Episode 26 Show Notes:

Do you feel like you do more for your clients than you do for yourself?

Are you a master at coaching others on growing their businesses, but when it comes to your own business, procrastination always gets in the way. Why do you tend to put yourself last?

Why do you believe that getting it done messy is okay for your clients, but that doing the same for yourself is unacceptable?

Relatable? Well then, you may be surprised to realize that you just might be a secret perfectionist.

This is an extremely personal topic for me because I recently had to go through this exact realization. I never considered myself a “perfectionist” until my coach called me right out on it, and once I stopped to look around at my business, I realized, “Gosh, she’s 100% right!”

Fast forward to today, and I’m here to tell you that productive beats perfect. Always.

It’s time to put a stop to your perfectionism because it’s totally sabotaging your business and, by extension, hurting your sales.


In this episode, we talk about…

  • [02:36] Why “perfectionism” is not a positive trait.
  • [04:23] The definition of perfectionism and how to break free of it.
  • [06:17] How to minimize judgement for the things you say or teach as an “expert.”
  • [08:28] Celebrating all your wins.
  • [11:49] How to stop taking rejection personally.
  • [15:01] Why using a checklist dramatically increases productivity.
  • [18:00] Delegating tasks to others so that you can focus on your “zone of genius.”
  • [21:38] How to find the right virtual assistant.
  • [22:47] A recap of today’s tips.


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Dorothy Villeneuve, ACC

Sales + business Coach

I’ve taken my 22 years of successful sales experience and combined it with my passion for coaching to help online women entrepreneurs create unshakeable sales confidence so that they attract dream clients to their high-ticket offers without all the overwhelm! 

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