Afraid You’re an Amateur Salesperson but Want to be a Professional? Learn How Now!

Afraid You're an Amateur Salesperson but Want to be a Professional? Learn How Now!

Written by Dorothy Villeneuve

June 23, 2021

Afraid You’re an Amateur Salesperson but Want to be a Professional? Learn How Now!

Episode 8 Show Notes:

As the old saying goes: “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.”

And don’t experienced professional salespeople make selling seem so darn easy, as if they were born with this elusive skill that we call “sales”? The secret to how they do it so well seems like some sort of unsolved mystery for the ages.

But the truth is… it’s really not.

Sales is something I know you can fall in love with. Though not an inherent skill, it’s one that can be taught and massively improved with proactive practice and a healthy curiosity.

And not only that: Did you know that improving your ability to sell will have a ripple effect into so many areas of your life?

It will surprise you: You’ll improve your listening skills, present your case better when communicating with anybody, whether with your children, with your spouse, or with your manager.

In fact, learning the art of negotiation is something I practice regularly and teach my children. It’s all a result of being in sales for 22 years.

Today, I want to help you see the distinct difference between an amateur and a professional salesperson. This will help you quickly demystify the behaviors of a professional from the actions of an amateur.

You’ll be better equipped to tackle your own sales efforts and realize when someone less skilled is using amateur efforts on you.

My goal is to inspire you to feel better about the way you do sales and realize its crucial significance in the success of your business so that you can get on with making better sales to make the income and the impact you desire.

Listen in as I go through the six questions you can ask yourself to guide you on the path to becoming a better sales professional!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • [03:56] How to tell apart master salespeople from the amateurs.
  • [06:06] Is sales something you’re doing to people or for people?
  • [09:51] Why it pays to invest in yourself.
  • [12:59] Question #1: Are you setting and achieving your goals?
  • [16:30] Question #2: Do you regard failure as a setback or as an opportunity?
  • [20:00] Question #3: Are you telling or are you selling?
  • [25:25] Question #4: How often do you practice what you’re offering and the way you communicate it?
  • [28:51] Question #5: Do you know the price of your offer, and are you declarative about it?
  • [32:07] Question #6: Are you learning new skills or creating a new habit?
  • [36:52] A recap of the six questions.
  • [39:45] My challenge to you.

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